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Founder and Author

Joel Patterson is the founder of The Vested Group, a business and technology consulting firm in the Dallas, Texas area. Joel has worked in the consulting field for over 20 years. He began his consulting career at Arthur Andersen and Capgemini before helping found Lucidity Consulting Group in 2001.

For 15 years Joel specialized in implementing Tier One ERP, software systems designed to service the needs of large, complex corporations with many departments and locations. These systems were too complex and expensive to meet the needs of his smaller customers.

With the small-to-medium market in mind and years of experience under his belt, he founded The Vested Group in 2011. The Vested Group focuses on bringing comprehensive cloud-based business management solutions to start-ups and well-established businesses alike. Joel and his exceptional team at The Vested Group strive to exceed client expectations and deliver solutions and support that allow companies to thrive.

Joel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Baylor University. When he’s not creating a fun company culture at The Vested Group, Joel enjoys watching baseball with friends, listening to new music, and spending time outside. He attributes his success to his lovely wife and his patience to his children.


The Vested Group

Joel Patterson is the Founder of The Vested Group, an award-winning Oracle+NetSuite Solution Provider specializing in consulting, implementation, support, and development of the full range of Oracle+NetSuite products.

Joel’s focus at The Vested Group includes helping build the organization both internally and externally. He works closely with potential clients in understanding their business processes and refining or improving their methods in conjunction with implementing Oracle+NetSuite.

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