Choosing the Right Technology Partner - Joel Patterson

Choosing The Right Technology Partner

You’ve made the decision to upgrade your business systems. That’s fantastic! Now that you’ve committed to new software, it’s time to commit to a technology partner, the company that will work with you to make your dream a reality. When choosing a firm, you’re entering a long-term, collaborative relationship. The partner you choose is just as important as the business management system itself. 

Let’s dive into what to look for when hiring a technology partner for your implementation.

Look at their history

A firm’s prior experience is a great place to start when deciding if they’re a good fit. Is this their first implementation within your industry, or have they helped similar companies before? While it’s not absolutely necessary to hire an implementation expert with prior industry-specific experience, a partner who’s familiar with your industry may bring more confidence to the table. 

In addition to their previous experience, take a look at their past clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Speaking with teams who have worked with the partner in the past can give invaluable insight into what it would be like to work with them long-term.  

Get in their business

Sounds nosy, right? Not at all! I believe that intentional company culture is essential to an innovative business. With today’s wide variety of company cultures, it can be highly beneficial to choose a partner whose culture aligns with that of your own company. This brings a mutual understanding to the table, allowing for more pleasant and productive collaboration between client and consultants. 

Another piece of data to note when researching a potential technology partner is their employee retention rate. If a firm has an extremely high turnover rate, that’s a red flag. It’s a sign that they don’t invest in their employees and a clue into how they will treat you. In addition, a lower retention rate often means that your account will be handled by a revolving door of people. While they may be bright and talented, there will still be a learning curve for new hires. 

Are they available?

Of course, if a firm isn’t taking new clients, you’re out of luck. But you must dig a little deeper to know whether or not your potential partner is available to live up to your expectations. Do you have a deadline in mind? Make sure they have the resources to reasonably meet it. Are there consultants in the area and able to help you on-site if necessary? If the answer is no, consider that your support will always be remote. 

In addition to supporting you during your implementation, it’s always smart to choose a technology partner that will be there for you long after your new systems are in place. I recommend choosing a firm that offers in-house, post-implementation support to all clients. That way you will always have a trusted team to turn to if and when issues arise. 

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