The Stages of a Digital Transformation - Joel Patterson

The Stages of a Digital Transformation

A digital transformation occurs when you realign your business’s technology and processes to stay efficient and competitive in today’s constantly changing world. The Vested Group specializes in helping companies prepare for the future with comprehensive, cloud-based software solutions. We offer Oracle+NetSuite, a highly customizable and scalable ERP software system that can be tailored to businesses’ current and future needs.

So, what does a digital transformation generally look like for a company?


The days before a digital transformation often feel like business as usual simply because we are used to the processes in place. Often outdated and inefficient systems slow day-to-day operations in ways that we don’t initially notice. Other times faulty, archaic systems can cause productivity to grind to a halt.

Whatever the case may be at your company, the time just before the need for a digital transformation can leave you saying, “there’s got to be a better way.” Sometimes instead of opting for a complete system overhaul, minor improvements will be made here and there. While these pockets of change are intended to improve processes, they often highlight the need for an updated and cohesive software system.


The process of planning and implementing your digital transformation can bring on a myriad of emotions. The planning process is exciting–you get to dream big! During this phase, you will review your operations and work with a team of experts to explore new possibilities that increase productivity and promote growth.

The journey of implementation will inevitably have its ups and downs. The keys to smooth sailing are having a dedicated team of experts to manage your project and creating a realistic plan and timeline. It’s essential to have complete trust in your team, as well as flexibility along the way. Remember, you’re all working towards the same goal﹘ a new innovative way of working that enhances customer experiences and makes your job easier and more efficient.  


Go-live has come and gone, and you and your staff are now in a transitory phase. Initially, you may feel wary of all this new technology. It’s normal for teams to hit a few bumps in the road before becoming comfortable with a new way of doing things. But, I assure you, once you understand how to use your new tools, you won’t know how you lived without them.

Be sure to hire a team that offers support long after your project has wrapped. An experienced team will ensure that any frustrations or learning curves can be addressed rather than having to feel your way through the dark on your own.

Congratulations! Your digital transformation has produced an innovative and adaptive software system that can change and grow with your company. The only thing that’s constant in business is change, and now you’ve got the tools to navigate it with grace and agility.