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The Role Company Culture Should Play in Your Hiring Decisions

Hiring the right employees is one of the most challenging and involved tasks companies face. When filling a position, not only do you have to find the most qualified candidate with the right background, but you are often looking to find that perfect candidate quickly.

While a sparkling resume and a smooth-sailing interview are high on the priority list, I believe the most critical factor in choosing a new hire is their “culture fit,” or how they will fit into the culture and community at your company. An aligned team will work better together, be more productive individually, and feel more satisfied in their roles overall. Making “culture fit” a top priority will produce superior results and higher employee retention rates, both of which benefit your company as a whole.

Here are a few tips on how to hire for your company’s technical needs while maintaining a harmonious company culture.

Know Yourself

The Vested Group has a company culture that my employees and I are proud of (and excited to work in!). But that didn’t just happen by chance. Your company’s culture is based on corporate values, beliefs, and an overarching mission. Your employees are the face of the company, and it’s crucial for them to be in line with your company’s purpose when interacting with clients and other employees.

If you haven’t defined your company’s values, beliefs, and mission, how will you find candidates that fit with your company’s unique culture? Your company has a culture whether you document it or not. Defining and documenting the culture of your company will bring clarity to your identity and give employees and potential employees a valuable framework.

Review Your Hiring Process

Once you’ve established what defines your company’s culture, then it’s time to review your hiring process. The traditional hiring process includes gathering resumes, screening qualified candidates, and interviewing your favorites. This process usually focuses on candidates’ experience and expertise, but how do you measure culture fit?

I start by asking interview questions that revolve around their experience and expectations in the workplace. When interviewing candidates, I ask questions about what they value in a company’s culture, how they work with others as a team, and their past relationships and experiences with clients and co-workers.

You might also consider alternatives to the traditional conference room interview. By choosing a more informal setting, such as meeting over coffee or lunch, you can get a better idea of who your candidate is as a person. Just remember, if conducting an interview over lunch isn’t in line with your company’s culture, it might send the wrong signal.

Another great way to see if someone will mesh with the rest of the team is to arrange a meet and greet. By introducing potential candidates to your staff, you can see what day-to-day interactions might be like once they’re on board. Also, your current employees then have a chance to voice their thoughts (which I’ve learned are invaluable).

Communicate Your Culture

Remember, interviews are a two-way street – you have to tell your candidates what to expect when working at your company. Our company purpose is “…best job ever…” which is our commitment to make the time our employees spend working at The Vested Group the greatest experience of their career. 

I would recommend breaking down your company’s purpose and diving into what the culture is so that potential employees can understand what to expect and what’s expected of them once they’re hired.

Good luck and happy hiring!